Aboard facilities

Heating and ventilation

The trains in which you will take place are of German construction and come from the Deutsche Bahn. They were built in 1981. The trains have a ventilation system to cool the air on hot days, but are not air-conditioned. Our mechanical department is trying to find ways to successfully lower the temperature, but it may be that on very hot days, the temperature reaches high levels. We invite you to dress accordingly and we will be happy to offer you water as needed to refresh you. For cool autumn days, the trains are also equipped with a heating system. With the sea air nearby, plan an extra layer.

Person with physical disabilities

To access our standard trains, people with reduced mobility must be able to climb the 3 steps of the train using the support bars fixed to the wall. Note that the width of the train doors prevents the passage of a wheelchair. Our staff are fully dedicated to assisting, but are not permitted to use any physical force to lift a passenger into the train. Wheelchairs and folding walkers are accepted on board free of charge. Please note that for security reasons it cannot remain in the central aisle of the train and will therefore be placed in the luggage area and will not be accessible during the journey. Electric scooter: Due to their excessive weight and under Occupational Health and Safety rules, our staff are not authorized to handle electric scooters or to board them on the train.




Each railcar has one washroom with one sink.