Aboard facilities

cell phone and internet

Each train is equipped with a router that emits a quality WiFi signal, free of charge. However, cell phone reception is unavailable along certain portions of the route and at times, the risk of dropped calls is high. We prefer advising you in advance.

Person with physical disabilities

All our train stations are equipped with wheelchairs to accommodate persons with a physical disability who wish to get about inside the station and on the immediate site. Wheelchairs must remain on the premises and can neither be loaned nor rented for any other purpose. Each train is equipped with a wheelchair so persons with a physical disability can get about inside the railcar, but this wheelchair must remain on the train at all times. It can neither be loaned nor rented for any other purpose. Persons with a physical disability must, at minimum, be able to board the train by going up three steps assisted by handrails affixed to the railcar. Please also note that railcar doors do not allow the passage of wheelchairs. Although our crew is totally committed to assisting all our passengers, using physical strength to carry a passenger aboard the train is not permitted.


Light refreshments are available on board our trains. We showcase and serve a number of local terroir products as well as snacks, but not prepared meals. You are welcome to bring along your snacks so long as your carrier does not exceed carry-on luggage limits. Do note that Train de Charlevoix does not provide tableware of any sort (plates, utensils, glassware, etc.). An on-board Beverage Menu featuring alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks proposes a selection of fruit juices, pop, beer, wine and several cocktails.

Owing to its RACJ permit (Régie des Alcools, des Courses et des Jeux), Train de Charlevoix allows NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES purchased elsewhere to be consumed on board the train. Should such beverages be carried aboard and opened, they will be confiscated and emptied, according to the law. The Train de Charlevoix crew reserves the right to refuse access, refuse to serve alcoholic beverages or remove a passenger if he/she shows signs of inebriation that could jeopardize their personal safety, the safety of other passengers or crew members. In this event, the passenger will be responsible for travelling to destination of their own accord.

Heating and ventilation

Since 2017, our trains are now equipped with a ventilation system to cool the air on hot days of summer. For the cooler autumn days, the trains are also equipped with a heating system.