Carry-on baggage

The cost of the ticket includes one hand luggage per person. You can also bring your cooler as long as it does not exceed the maximum size and weight allowed.


Maximum size: 20 x 38 x 38 cm (8 x 15 x 15 in.).
Maximum weight: 11 pounds (5 kg).


Other baggage formats must be left in the compartment dedicated to boarding the train. You will be responsible for transporting your luggage during all your journeys.


Bicycles & golf bags

You will be charged a fee of $ 20 per bike or golf bags upon reservation or boarding.


Bicycles must be stripped of any bags or saddlebags to ensure the safety of our employees carrying the bicycles.


You can also rent bikes on the Baie St-Paul station site from our partner Charlevoix Ecomobility and on the La Malbaie station site from our partner GUEPE.


Electric bikes: Due to their excessive weight and under the rules of Health and Safety at work, our staff is not allowed to handle electric bikes or to board them on the train. You can rent this type of bike on the Gare de Baie St-Paul website from our partner Charlevoix Écomobilité.


Strollers measuring less than 25.5 cm (10 in) by 92 cm (36 in) folded are accepted on board at no charge.


To access our standard trains, wheelchairs and folding walkers are accepted on board free of charge. Please note that, for security reasons, these cannot remain in the central aisle of the train and will therefore be dropped off in the luggage area and will not be accessible during the journey.