Will the Hydrogen Train run to La Malbaie?

We are aware that the Hydrogen Train will not run “for the moment” to La Malbaie. The reason is that our partner Alstom currently prefers to do tests and inspections on a smaller part of the route. But the ultimate goal after their studies is obviously to go to La Malbaie. We will obviously keep you informed because it is the wish of the whole team to make the entire trip from Quebec to La Malbaie.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your booking up to 48 hours before departure. You will receive a refund for your tickets. To complete the cancellation, please email annulation@reseaucharlevoix.com with your order number and dates. Please note that ticketing fees ($0.86 per ticket) are not refundable.

Should we book way in advance?

It’s preferable to book ahead to make sure you have guaranteed seating on the train. Sometimes same-day bookings are possible through our ticket office.

How long ahead should I arrive at the railway station?

We recommend arriving 30 minutes before boarding.

Can plus-size travellers fit into the seats? Is there much leg room?

Train de Charlevoix seats compare to ones on intercity transit buses, both in terms of seating format and for the distance between seats. But do be aware armrests cannot be raised.

If I suffer from motion sickness, what seats should I book?

If you suffer from motion sickness, no one seat will guarantee that you will not feel unwell as the train winds its way along the riverside. In regard to sitting facing the head of the train, please note the train does not turn around at destination so you will be facing the head one way, and the tail of the train on your return trip. Views are marvellous both ways, and the river is always at your side.
If you prefer booking seats facing the head of the train on both legs of your trip, we recommend you opt for our espace groupe. Group seating guarantees parties of four (4) seats to face each other, with a shared tabletop. Group seating also ensures you enjoy both riverside scenery and mountain vistas on your two-way rail trip.

At least one leg of your rail cruise faces the river
– Table for your beverages and snacks
– Large windows
– At all times, at least two (2) seats face the head of the train (for passengers suffering from motion sickness)
– Maximum four (4) passengers per espace-groupe

Are there tables/folding trays for eating on the train?

Yes, depending on the seat you occupy: espaces groupe seats share a central tabletop. Side-by-side seats have folding trays similar to ones on airplanes and intercity transit buses.

How long does the rail cruise last?

City of Québec – Baie-Saint-Paul
About 2 hrs 30 min. each way. Passenger boarding and deboarding can cause short delays. We apologize in advance.
Baie-Saint-Paul – La Malbaie
About 1 hr 30 min. on the way there, and about the same on the return trip. Passenger boarding and deboarding can cause short delays. We apologize in advance.
City of Québec ‒ La Malbaie
About 3 hrs, 45 min. on the way there, and about the same on the return trip. Passengers enjoy a 4-hour stopover in Baie-Saint-Paul on their return trip. Boarding and deboarding can cause short delays. We apologize in advance.

Once I’m at my destination, how do I get to my hotel?

Some hotels have a shuttle service to and from the railway station but we recommend that you validate this yourself, in advance, with the hotel of your choice. Otherwise there are taxis.

Can we spend the night at our destination? Do you offer rail & hotel packages?

We do not book lodging reservations. However, we suggest you contact our regional lodging partners to learn more about their visitor options.

Is there parking near the railway station?

Yes, parking is available at La Malbaie, the City of Québec (Chute-Montmorency Falls) and Baie-Saint-Paul railways stations.
City of de Québec Parking (Chute-Montmorency Falls) : $3.16 + taxes per vehicul. Please visit SEPAQ for daily rates.

Is there foodservice on board?

There is no foodservice on board, but feel free to bring your lunch. There is a beverage service, and the train has an alcohol permit from la Régie des Alcools, des Courses et des Jeux (RACJ). However, you cannot bring your own alcoholic beverages on board. Beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic – are available on board the train. Only credit/debit card payments are accepted, and we highly encourage contactless payment (Paypass).

Are there washrooms on board?

Each railcar has one washroom with one sink.

What can I do for four hours when I’m in Baie-Saint-Paul ?

For inspiration, please click on the MUST-SEE AND MUST-DOS link in our RAIL CRUISE section.

Can I bring a small cat or dog if it’s in a travel bag?

No. Only service/guide dogs with certified training and ID documents are admitted on board.

The tickets are all in my name; at boarding, will I have problems?

No. The name on the tickets is for reference only. If there’s a problem, we can find a client’s original order in no time at all.

Are there electrical outlets at each seat, on board the train?

No, there are not. For special/priority requirements, please ask our on-board train crew.

Is it suitable for people with reduced mobility?

To access our standard trains, people with reduced mobility must be able to climb the 3 steps of the train using the support bars fixed to the wall. Note that the width of the train doors prevents the passage of a wheelchair. Our staff are fully dedicated to assisting, but are not permitted to use any physical force to lift a passenger into the train. Wheelchairs and folding walkers are accepted on board free of charge. Please note that for security reasons it cannot remain in the central aisle of the train and will therefore be placed in the luggage area and will not be accessible during the journey. Electric scooter: Due to their excessive weight and under Occupational Health and Safety rules, our staff are not authorized to handle electric scooters or to board them on the train.

For the hydrogen train, we are impatiently awaiting the arrival of the train on the territory of Charlevoix in order to carry out the appropriate tests and analyses. We confirm that the interior of the hydrogen train is suitable for people with reduced mobility, we now have to analyze that the height of the platforms and the floor of the train correspond to safety standards. The safety of users and our team remains our main priority.