Train station

The best way to get to to Isle-aux-Coudres by train is to stop at the train station Les Éboulements train and then, take the ferry wich is 10 minutes walk.

I23 km of happiness

Regardless of the length of your stay, a wide range of activities is offered: cycling, walking, walking on the beach or in the orchards, hiking trail "Sentier des Chouenneux", observation of stars and birds, painting, tennis, bowling , picnic, playground, treasure hunt, picking wild berries, cruises, summer theater, folk dance shows. Also enjoy health centers, hair salons, etc.

Isle-aux-Coudres in Charlevoix is ​​a peaceful place where the landscapes are waiting to be admired. A family destination par excellence, the proverbial hospitality of the "Marsouins", a friendly nickname given to its inhabitants, is undeniable and holidaymakers are always happy to find this warm welcome.

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