Q: How much is parking at Montmorency Falls?

A: Site admission is $3,20 per person, and additional days are free.

Q: Is downtown Baie-Saint-Paul very far from the train station?

A: Points of interest and restaurants are an easy 10-minute walk from BSP Train Station.

Q: Can I board the train at another station ‒ other than from the main Québec City, Baie St-Paul or La Malbaie Stations?

A: Yes. The train stops regularly at smaller inter-station platforms. You can board at a railway platform and purchase your tickets on board. Seats are assigned according to availability. If there are no free seats, you will travel standing-room only. Inter-station platforms are located:

  • on the Québec City Circuit (Blue Line): in Ste-Anne de Beaupré & Petite-Rivière St-Francois
  • on the La Malbaie Circuit (Yellow Line): in St-Joseph de la Rive (Les Éboulements) & St-Irénée

A: Yes, and you can book one-way or round trips online that board at an inter-station platform, going to one of the 3 main train stations (i.e.: from Ste-Anne de Beaupré to Baie St-Paul or from Baie St-Paul to Ste-Anne de Beaupré).

A: Yes, if you’re planning a rail cruise across our entire circuit, please contact our Call Centre to book tickets from our inter-station platforms (i.e.: Ste-Anne de Beaupré‒Baie St-Paul, then Baie St-Paul‒Québec City and finally, Québec City‒Ste-Anne de Beaupré).

A: If you’re planning to travel one-way or round trip from an inter-station platform to another inter-station platform, please contact our Call Centre to book your tickets (i.e.: Ste-Anne de Beaupré‒Petite Rivière St-Francois & Petite Rivière St-Francois‒Ste-Anne de Beaupré).

Q: May I bring a small dog or cat on board if it’s in a pet travel bag?

A: No. Only Mira guide dogs are allowed on board.

Q: If the weather’s poor, can I re-book at a later date?

A: The weather systems across Charlevoix’s natural kingdom and riverside are known to shift quickly. But no matter the season, tides or weather, the landscape is magnificent. And because it’s a microclimate, regional forecasts are not a precise science. It is therefore difficult to predict the weather. If you’d still like to reschedule your trip, you may do so but fees will apply. Under our website’s 2016 Policies, please view our Change Policy.

Q: Why do you no longer offer gourmet dining?

A: Train de Charlevoix has never served gastronomic meals, as opposed to Train Touristique du Massif that was in service from 2011 to 2014. We do however offer a light snack service on board.

Q: Can we disembark anywhere we like during the trip, then board again later?

A: Yes, but please make sure there is a later train to take you to your final destination. As well, when you re-board your ticket will still be valid but your pre-assigned seat(s) will have been reallocated. The crew will assign you new seat(s) according to availability. If no seating is available, you might end your trip in standing-room only.

Q: Do we have time to eat in a restaurant in La Malbaie, if we board the 11:00 am train and plan to ride back on the 1:30 pm train?

A The La Malbaie stopover lasts one hour. Some restaurants ensure service within this short time frame, others not. We suggest you check with the restaurateur of your choice, on arrival.

Q: Do seats accommodate large travellers? Is there much leg-room?

A: Train de Charlevoix’s seats are comparable to inter-city coaches in terms of seat size and space between seats.

Q: What seats face one another? 

A: The Train de Charlevoix floorplan appears when you book your tickets online. The seat layout is accurate.

Q: Are there tables/foldaway tabletops for eating on board the train?

A: Yes, depending on your seat, you either have a foldaway tabletop or a table.

Q: Why doesn’t Train de Charlevoix go all the way to the QC train station?

A: Train de Charlevoix’s territory extends from Parc de la Chute Montmorency to La Malbaie. If you don’t have a car and are travelling to Parc de la Chute Montmorency from downtown Québec City, you can take our buses from Gare du Palais or Place d'Youville. Details here. Other option is to take a taxi. It costs between $40 and $50 depending on your departure point.

Q: Is the train air-conditioned?

A: Yes. 

Q: How can I tell one train from another when they are both in the station at the same time ‒ in Baie-St-Paul?

A : Both trains and circuits are colour-coded: Blue is for the Québec City train and line, and yellow is for the La Malbaie train and line. The pre-boarding areas on Baie St-Paul platform are also colour-coded by train, and circuit.

Q: I suffer from motion sickness; what seat should I book?

A: If you suffer from severe motion sickness, no seat will guarantee you will not feel ill. The rail cruise is very winding along the riverside. If you sit facing the direction of movement, please be advised the train does not turn around on its return trip. So you’ll be facing the direction of travel one-way but not on your return trip. The views are beautiful either way and the river is always off to one side.