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Operated by Réseau Charlevoix, Train de Charlevoix's vision of sustainable, eco-friendly development builds partnerships and drives local economic and social spin-offs. Our goal is to offer alternate, safe, respectful public transit and a unique experience in tourism – a spectacular one in fact – between Québec City, Côte de Beaupré and Charlevoix's coastal towns and villages.


Nancy Belley
General Manager
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E :  nbelley@reseaucharlevoix.com

Mario Audet
Director ‒ Guest Services
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E : maudet@reseaucharlevoix.com

Francis Gougeon
Director, talent & experience
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Frederic Audet
Sales Representative
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Jennifer Fortin
Assistant ‒ Rail Operations
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Isabelle Guillemette
Director ‒ Finance
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Jean-Marc Montigny
Director ‒ Rail Operations
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Monica Desbiens
Sales assistant
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E : mdesbiens@reseaucharlevoix.com

Board of Directors

Président : Bruno Labbé
Vice-Président : Jean-Yves Germain
Secrétaire-trésorier : Claude Choquette
Administrateur : Daniel Gauthier
Administrateur : Jean Fortin
Administrateur : Gérald Maltais
Administrateur : Luc A. Goudreau
Administrateur : François Fournier
Administrateur : Frédéric Sujobert

Train Tales

Rolling eastward, across landscapes both wild and grandiose, you realize just how isolated Charlevoix was in the late 19th century. With no efficient road system, the region was cut off from the world. The idea of creating a rail line connecting Québec City to Charlevoix is owed to Sir Rodolphe Forget. Efforts were colossal because of the countless tunnels chiseled through peaks that plunge straight down to the sea.

In 1889, a first rail segment was inaugurated linking Québec City to Sainte-Anne de Beaupré. A steam train – fondly called the Good St. Anne – conveyed throngs of pilgrims to Sainte-Anne de Beaupré Basilica. In 1904, the train was powered by electricity. A second leg linking Beaupré to La Malbaie (Pointe-au-Pic) was built between 1909 and 1918. The train’s maiden rail cruise to Baie-Saint-Paul was celebrated in 1918, whereas another full year was required before the first train pulled into La Malbaie Station. However, the development of maritime shipping (primarily paper, wood and cement) caused many a difficult year for the train. In 1951, the railway’s ownership was turned over to CN. In the 80s and again in the 90s, a new touring train appeared ‒ Le Tortillard ‒ but the experience remained inconclusive. It wasn’t until 2011 that Train touristique de Charlevoix rode the rails again. Today, the rail cruise spans 125 kilometres, travelling all the way from Parc de la Chute Montmorency to La Malbaie.

The trains

Train de Charlevoix has two trains that consist of two cars each. These trains are unique in Quebec.
Manufacturer: Deutsche Bahn
Country of origin: Germany
Engine: Daimler-Benz, 485 hp
Year: 1981
Train 1 - 2 cars (64 seats each) Total: 128 seats
Train 2 - 2 cars (64 seats and 57 seats) Total: 121 seats